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居合道,真剣,刀 通販,刀剣店,保存刀剣
居合道,真剣,刀 通販,刀剣店,保存刀剣
Three-limited Box of paulownia wood
日本刀、Katana、刀剣 購入 日本刀、Katana、刀剣 購入

Original products of giheiya [Tamahagane Knife]
儀平屋オリジナル 玉鋼小刀

length 20.0cm Products No.
Blade length 5.5cm 05-1002
The width of the hilt(Tsuka) 1.8cm Price(USD)
Weight 7.0mm $569
Material 玉鋼 [Tamahagane]
Swordsmith(Tosho) 桔梗隼光 [Kikyō Hayamitsu] 注文する
Remarks The part of blade is burned the temper line as same as swords and the part of hilt have rust with Tsutime (streaks made when craftsmen beat it).
居合道,真剣,刀 通販,刀剣店,保存刀剣
居合道,真剣,刀 通販,刀剣店,保存刀剣
Giheiya original Made in Japan
日本刀、Katana、刀剣 購入 日本刀、Katana、刀剣 購入

Original "T-shirt" of giheiya
儀平屋オリジナル Tシャツ

Size M, L, XL Products No.
Selling agency GIHEIYA 05-1001
Country of origin Japan Price(USD)
Remarks This is durable and comfortable to wear since we put a lot of labor into choosing fabric. $54

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