New Item: Early Edo era(1596-1615) sword,Mumei, Iai Shinken for sale | Giheiya Japan

New Item: Early Edo era(1596-1615) sword,Mumei, Iai Shinken for sale | Giheiya Japan

Item No.01-1345

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Early Edo era(1596-1615) sword, No Mei
Long and light Iai Shinken with a wonderful Hamon

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<Swordsmith and sword feature>
Signature of this sword was obviously erased judging from Nakago surface. Although Ji doesn't appear clear enough to appreciate due to Iai Togi(it was polished in Iai polishing grade previously), it shows a wonderful and unique Kani no Tsume Choji 蟹の爪丁子 with a tighten Nioiguchi. It considered to be made by Sukesada in Shinto era 新刀祐定(Keicho 慶長 1596-1615).

This light and long sword has a nice Sori and a Bohi, it is ideal piece for Iai practice.
A professional Togi polishing is recommended to enjoy the original beauty of this blade.
We gladly offer our customers 10% discount for a new Giheiya Koshirae set.

It has an ordinary blade weight and a width, Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. The curve is Toriizori style with slightly stretched Nakamine.
There are Katachiri Bohi(thick groove which extends to Shinogi,leaves flat space only on Mune side) on both side of the blade.

<Hada - Forging>
The jihada (body of the sword) is an Iatame 板目肌.

<Hamon - Temper patterns>
Hamon is an unique Choji with‘kani-no-tsume’(resembling crab claws) with tighten Nioiguchi(the border between the Ji and the hamon).
Boshi- temper line of the tip is Midarekomi(wavy) and turns back to a gentle curl called Komaru.

<Nakago - Tang>
The Tang is Ubu(original) and has Sujigai file marks 筋違い鑢目. Nakago end is Kurijiri shape.

<Habaki-Metal collar>
Solid silver single piece Habaki with Yujo pattern.

<Koshirae - Mountings>
please check the detail pictures.

Tsuba: Round iron base Kage Sukashi Tsuba with a Tomoe motif 巴影透し(Sukashi open work design with a negative silhouette) with
Fuchi Kashira: Iron base Higo style set with lines which represent a mountain trail.
Menuki: Engraved autumn bell-cricket.
Tsuka: Covered with ray skin and wrapped with black pure silk in Morohineri-maki style.
Saya: Kuro-ishimenuri - a rough textured black lacquerer finish.

<Blade Condition>
Polish: Jihada doesn't appear well due to previous Iai Togi grade polishing.
Defects such as openings, chips and cracks: None.

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Products No.01-1345

Blade length 82.7cm/ 2'8.6"/ 2shaku 7sun 3bu Tsuka length --
Curvature - Sori 1.9cm/ 0.75"/ 6.8bu Mekugi (Pegs) 3
Blade Bottom Width 30.5mm/ 1.2"/ 1sun Blade Bottom Thickness 6.8mm/ 0.26"/ 2.2bu
Blade Top Width 24.5mm/ 0.96"/ 8.1bu Blade Top Thickness 5.5mm/ 0.22"/ 1.8bu
Weight Blade only: 760g / 1.7lbs
Without Saya: 1.020g / 2.25lbs
Period Early Edo(Keicho 慶長 1596-1615)
Inscription / Signature None
Registration in Japan 14 Sept 2016
Kanagawa Prefecture Board of Education
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