New Item: Late Edo era Soshuden Iaito 相州伝居合刀 for sale | Giheiya Japan

New Item: Late Edo era Soshuden Iaito 相州伝居合刀 for sale | Giheiya Japan

Item No.01-1317

Late Edo era sword, Mumei
Beautiful Soshuden 相州伝, Light Iaito ready for Iai practice

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<Swordsmith and sword feature>
Despite the blade is Mumei 無銘, it shows a beautiful, characteristic Soshuden 相州伝 feature.
This is a recommendable light Iaito with tightly fitted modern Koshirae.

It has an ordinary blade weight and a width,slightly thick. Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. The curve is Toriizori style and the blade top is Nakamine.
There are Katachiri Bohi(thick groove which extends to shinogi,leaves flat space only on Mune side) on both side of the blade.

<Hada - Forging>
The jihada (body of the sword) is a Itame 板目肌 with nagare (running) tendencies and became Masa 柾. Coarse Jinie(darkish crystal)granule attaches on the surface.

<Hamon - Temper patterns>
The Hamon is Soshuden Gunome Choji 相州伝互の目乱れ with Ginsuji(silver line 銀筋), and blillient nie 沸 white crystals attaches abundantly on the cutting edge while Inazuma 稲妻 runs through along the temper line.
Boshi- temper line of the tip is Midarekomi(wavy) and turns back to a gentle curl called Komaru.

<Nakago - Tang>
The Tang 茎 is Ubu 生(original) and has Sujigai file marks. Nakago end is Kurijiri 栗尻 shape.

<Habaki-Metal collar>
Single piece, gold gilded copper Habaki with a polished surface 素銅地金鍍金.


<Koshirae - Mountings>
please check the detail pictures.

Tsuba: Iron base Owari style Sukashi Tsuba 尾張鍔.
Fuchi Kashira: With the engravings of Bonji 梵字 (Sanskrit characters).
Menuki: Engraved chrysanthemum.
Tsuka: Covered with ray skin with Oyatsubu and wrapped with black pure silk in Morohineri-maki style.
Saya: Kuro- Sendan Kizami 黒千段刻み.

<Blade Condition>
Polish: Generally in good condition.
Defects such as openings, chips and cracks: There are few areas of Are 荒れ on Sashiura side, otherwise no Kizu.

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Products No.01-1317

Blade length 70.5cm/ 2'3.8"/ 2shaku 3sun 2.6bu Tsuka length --
Curvature - Sori 1.5cm/ 0.6"/ 5bu Mekugi (Pegs) 1
Blade Bottom Width 32.5mm/ 1.3"/ 1sun 7bu Blade Bottom Thickness 7.5mm/ 0.3"/ 2.4bu
Blade Top Width 20.0mm/ 0.8"/ 6.6bu Blade Top Thickness 6.5mm/ 0.26"/ 2.1bu
Weight Blade only: 740g / 1.63lbs
Without Saya: 975g / 2.15lbs
Period Late Edo era (1764-1868)
Inscription / Signature None
Registration in Japan 25 Dec 1979
Miyazaki Prefecture Board of Education
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