New Item: Gendaito by 24th Fujiwara Kanefusa & Masafusa Gassaku 二十四代 藤原兼房 正房合作

New Item: Gendaito by 24th Fujiwara Kanefusa & Masafusa Gassaku 二十四代 藤原兼房 正房合作 for sale | Giheiya Japan

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Gendaito by 24th Fujiwara Kanefusa & Masafusa Gassaku 二十四代 藤原兼房 正房合作
A very light Iai shinken by famed smiths

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<Swordsmith and sword feature>
Swordsmith 24th Fujiwara Kanefusa 二十四代 藤原兼房, real name Kato Takao 加藤孝雄 was born in 1922 into the Fujiwara family, which has been living in Mino-province, Seki 美濃 関 since the Muromachi period.
He studied under his father 23rd Fujiwara Kanefusa and was nominated to a living national treasure 岐阜県無形文化財 in Gifu prefecture in 1998. He has won many prizes such as Kunzansho 薫山賞, Yushusho 優秀賞 for 7 times and 15 Doryokusho 努力賞 awards in the annual NBTHK New Sword Exhibitions.
Swordsmith Fujiwara Masafusa 藤原正房, real name Shoda Kishichi 荘田喜七 was born in 1916 in Gifu prefecture. He enrolled in the school of the 23rd generation FFujiwara Kanefusa in Seki.
In 1941, he went to study at the Nihonto Gakuin (Japanese Sword Academy) in Zama. He became a Rikugun Jumei Tosho in 1942 and started working at the Seki Nihon Token Kaisha (Seki Japanese Sword Company). He won Nyusen prise at Token Exhibition, Kaigun Daijinsho Tokusen 海軍大臣賞特選( Special prise by a Minister of Navy) and many.

This sword was signed as a Gassaku 合作 (a sword made cooperatively by more than one person) created jointly by 24th Kanefusa and Masafusa, however it seems like it was made by 24th Kanefusa alone.
It has a tightly fitted Koshirae and is ready for Iai practice - with its beautiful balance which gives a light feel to practitioners.

It has an ordinary blade weight and a width, Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. The curve is Toriizori style and the blade top is Nakamine.
There are Katachiri Bohi(thick groove which extends to shinogi,leaves flat space only on Mune side) on both side of the blade.

<Hada - Forging>
The jihada (body of the sword) is an Itame and coarse Jinie(darkish crystal)granule attaches on the surface.

<Hamon - Temper patterns>
The Hamon is Gunome Choji with abundant Ashi activities 足良く入る.
Boshi- temper line of the tip is Notarekomi and turns back to a gentle curl called Komaru.

<Nakago - Tang>
The Tang is Ubu(original) and has Sujigai file marks. Nakago end is Haagari(irregular) Kurijiri shape.

<Habaki-Metal collar>
Solid silver single piece Habaki with Yujo pattern.

<Koshirae - Mountings>
please check the detail pictures.

Tsuba: Round iron base Kinai style Sukashi Tsuba with dragon engravings.
Fuchi Kashira: A countryside scenery was engraved on brass base.
Menuki: Engravings of the design of peony.
Tsuka: Covered with ray skin with Oyatsubu and wrapped with black leather in Morohineri-maki style(never been used).
Saya: Kuro-ishimenuri - a rough textured black lacquerer finish(recently re-coated).

<Blade Condition>
Polish: The blade seems "cloudy" due to Furutogi and there is a tiny rust.
Defects such as openings, chips and cracks: None.

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Products No.01-1315

Blade length 73.0cm/ 2'4.7"/ 2shaku 4sun 1bu Tsuka length 25.8cm/ 10.1"/ 8sun 5bu
Curvature - Sori 1.6cm/ 0.63"/ 5.3bu Mekugi (Pegs) 1
Blade Bottom Width 32.2mm/ 1.26"/ 1sun 7rin Blade Bottom Thickness 7.5mm/ 0.3"/ 2.4bu
Blade Top Width 22.5mm/ 0.9"/ 7.4bu Blade Top Thickness 5.0mm/ 0.2"/ 1.6bu
Weight Blade only: 700g / 1.5lbs
Without Saya: 990g / 2.2lbs
Period Showa (1978)
Inscription / Signature Front: Fujiwara Kanefusa Tsukuru Masafusa Gassaku
藤原兼房作 正房合作
Back: Showa 53nen May Auspicious day 昭和五十三年 五月吉日(1978)
Registration in Japan 6 June,1978
Gifu Prefecture Board of Education
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