New Item: Gendaito by Sesshu Ju Sadanaga 雲州住貞永, light and well balanced sword made for Iai use for sale | Giheiya Japan

New Item: Gendaito by Sesshu Ju Sadanaga 雲州住貞永, light and well balanced sword made for Iai use for sale | Giheiya Japan

Item No.01-1282

Gendaito by Unshu Ju Sadanaga 雲州住貞永 - an Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Shimane
Very light and well balanced sword made for Iai w/ a new Tsukamaki.

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<Swordsmith and sword feature>
Swordsmith SADANAGA 貞永, real name Rikio Kobayashi 小林力夫 was born in 1948 as a third son of Kobayashi Daishiro 小林大四郎 (smith name SADAYOSHI 貞善).
In 1967 he, his eldest brother SADATERU 貞照 and second brother SADANORI 貞法 joined at Kobayashi Nihonto Smith's Shop 小林日本刀鍛錬場 to learn under his father Kobayashi Sadayoshi and after 6 year's apprenticeship, he became an official licensee of Japanese swordsmith.
He continuously won numerous prizes starting from 1973 in the contemporary Japanese Sword Fine arts Contests held by the Japanese Swords Preservation Society (NBTHK) such as "Doryoku Award" 2 times, "Nyusen Award" 13 times and got an honor of Kanzan award.
Sadanaga was awarded with an important intangible cultural asset of Shimane prefecture in 1999 along with his brother SADANORI 貞法.   Swordsmith Sadanaga's blog (in Japanese)

This sword was originally made as an Iai Shinken which is light in weight, well balanced and mounted tightly for Iai practice - Giheiya have re-wrapped Tsuka with black suede.

It has an ordinary blade weight & width, blade thickness is slightly thin, Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. The curve is Toriizori style and the blade top is nakamine.

<Hada - Forging>
The jihada (body of the sword) is a KoItame with running tendencies here and there and coarse Jinie(darkish crystal)granule attaches on the surface.

<Hamon - Temper patterns>
The Hamon is Konie deki, Chu Suguha with brilient nie white crystals attaches abundantly on the cutting edge.
Suna-nagashi shows it's flowing sand-like pattern on the cutting edge.
 Boshi (temper of tip) goes into Suguba and turns back to Komaru(small Boshi).

<Nakago - Tang>
The Tang is Ubu(original) and has Kesho(decorative) file marks. Nakago end is Kurijiri shape.

<Habaki-Metal collar>
Solid silver single piece Habaki with Yujo pattern.

<Koshirae - Mountings>
please check the detail pictures.

Tsuba: Round iron base Sukashi tsuba with a Ichou(ginkgo leaves) motif.
Fuchi Kashira & Kojiri: Higo style set with the design of plum.
Menuki: Engravings of plum design.
Tsuka: Covered with ray skin with Oyatsubu and wrapped with black suede in Morohineri-maki style(new).
Saya: Kuro-lacquered in black.

<Blade Condition>
Polish: Generally in good condition.
Defects such as openings, chips and cracks:None.

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Products No.01-1282

Category Katana Blade length 71.5cm/ 2'4.1"/ 2shaku 3sun 6bu
Curvature - Sori 1.7cm/ 0.67"/ 5.6bu Mekugi (Pegs) 1
Blade Bottom Width 30.0mm/ 1.2"/ 1sun Blade Bottom Thickness 6.5mm/ 0.26"/ 2.1bu
Blade Top Width 20.0mm/ 0.8"/ 6.6bu Blade Top Thickness 4.5mm/ 0.18"/ 1.5bu
Weight Blade only: 670g / 1.5lbs
Without Saya: 890g / 1.96lbs
Period Heisei
Inscription / Signature Front: Sesshu Ju Sadanaga Korewo Tsukuru 雲州住貞永作之
Back: Heisei10nen 10Gatsubi(1997)
Registration in Japan 6 Oct 1997
Shimane Prefecture Board of Education
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