New item: Gendaito Iai Shinken by Hizen noKuni Kanemoto 肥前國兼元 for sale | Giheiya Japan

New item: Gendaito Iai Shinken by Hizen noKuni Kanemoto 肥前國兼元 for sale | Giheiya Japan

Item No.01-1280

Gendaito by Hizen noKuni Kanemoto 肥前國兼元
Light and well balanced Iaito w/ new Tsuka wrapping & recent Nugui Togi polishing.

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<Swordsmith and sword feature>
Swordsmith Hizen noKuni Kanemoto 肥前國兼元, real name Motomura Kanesaku 本村兼作 was born in 1907 and resided in Saga prefecture.
According to an article from Hizento Handbook, he won the President's Prize at the army's military sword display in 1943 and won the Governor's prize the following year.
The same year(1944) he received a contract from the army's weapons administration headquarters to act as an instructor.
In Showa 27(1952) he made a sword for the shrine dedication at Ise Jingu (shrine). From 1967 to 1969 he was a winner at the Shinsaku-to (newly made swords) exhabition.
In 1970 he made a sword for the shrine dedication at Ise shrine for the second time.

The blade was made as an Iai Shinken in his late career. We have re-wrapped the Tsuka with black leather and had the blade polished for Iai - a simple Nugui Naoshi.
This sword is light in weight with a wonderful balance also Koshirae was fitted tightly... very honest sword just ready for Iai practice.

It has an ordinary blade weight and a width, Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. The curve is Toriizori style and the blade top is Nakamine.
There are Katachiri Bohi(thick groove which extends to shinogi,leaves flat space only on Mune side) on both side of the blade.

<Hada - Forging>
The jihada (body of the sword) is a tightly forged fine Koitame and pale Utsuri (an irregular patterned misty white shadow ) appears.

<Hamon - Temper patterns>
The Hamon is Gunome Choji mixed with Togariha (sharp pointed pattern). In the Hamon Suna-nagashi shows it's flowing sand-like pattern and Ashi are found.

<Nakago - Tang>
The Tang is Ubu(original) and has Sujigai file marks. Nakago end is Haagari (irregular) Kurijiri shape.

<Habaki-Metal collar>
Solid silver single piece Habaki in Shonai style.

<Koshirae - Mountings>
please check the detail pictures.

Tsuba: Round iron base Sukashi Tsuba with a motif of Aoi(hollyhock)
Koiguchi: Solid silver with a polished surface. Fuchi Kashira: Plain iron Fuchi & Kashira set.
Menuki: Engraved mouse.
Tsuka: Coverd with ray skin with Oyatsubu and newly re-wrapped with black leather in Morohineri-maki style.
Saya: Kuro-ishimenuri - It was just re-coated with a rough textured black lacquerer finish.

<Blade Condition>
Polish: A simple Nugui Naoshi polishing was recently applied.
Defects such as openings, chips and cracks: None.

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Products No.01-1280

Category Katana Blade length 73.3cm/ 2'4.9"/ 2shaku 4sun 1bu 9rin
Curvature - Sori 2.0cm/ 0.8"/ 6.6bu Mekugi (Pegs) 1
Blade Bottom Width 31.0mm/ 1.22"/ 1sun 2rin Blade Bottom Thickness 6.5mm/ 0.26"/ 2.1bu
Blade Top Width 21.5mm/ 0.85"/ 7.1bu Blade Top Thickness 4.5mm/ 0.18"/ 1.5bu
Weight Blade only: 630g / 1.4lbs
Without Saya: 900g / 1.9lbs
Period Showa(1989)
Inscription / Signature Front: Hizen nokuni Kanemoto
Back: Showa 63nen 10gatsu 昭和六十三年十月
Registration in Japan 15 March 1989
Saga Prefecture Board of Education
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