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Our gurantee, japanese sword shop Giheiya

Our Guarantee - Authenticity of our Japanese Swords.

We refund full price if our sword is a counterfeit.

* Except the following cases:

  • Sword with official certification papers (by NBTHK, NTHK)
  • Sword which length is less than 15cm / 6.0 inches
  • Iai/ Iaido Practice swords
  • Japanese sword which is already signed for consignment sales.
  • Any items other than Japanese Sword (ex.sword fittings,accessories)
  • Military sword and cane-sword.

Our gurantee, We buy and trade in your Japanese swords.

Trade in your Japanese swords to offset the price of your new swords.

  • We buy and trade in your Japanese swords.
  • Also buy and trade in Iai Shinken(swords).
  • Please note/ trading in - Your purchase price for a new sword should be more than your trade-in item's value.

* The following cases are not included in this service...

  • Items other than Japanese swords.
  • Japanese swords which are already singed for consignment sales.

* Please be noted *
· When sending Japanese swords to our shop for price assessment, the posting cost and an import handling charge of 21,600JPY should
 be payed by the sender.
· In the case we send back the swords to the original sender, the posting cost will be
 payed by us.

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