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Japanese sword has been handed down since ancient times as the "Japanese soul". The soul is inherited and kept especially by Japanese swordsmiths and craftsmen.

Swordsmiths and craftsmen, without saying, never complain about their harsh work. They just work silently. In summer, the heat in the smithy is hard to express. It dries off all moisture from their bodies. In winter, they cut charcoal silently in very cold winds.
The world-class Japanese swords are created by smith's continuous effort.
However, a Japanese sword is not completed yet... so much professional work of skilled craftsmen are required.

Polisher(Togishi) not only polishes sword beautifully but also makes the cutting edge sharp to cut.
Silver master(Shiroganeshi) creates "Habaki" by processing the metal such as gold, silver, and copper. “Habaki” prevents blades from dropping off from the sheath.
Saya-craftsman(Sayashi) creates “Shirasaya” which is for restoring blade and Koshirae(mountings) base. “Koshirae” should be functional at the same time artistic.
Tsuka wrapping craftsmen(Tsukamakishi) wind the hilt with materials like silk, leather, suede and deerskin. The formative beauty of Tsuka wrapping really charms us. Once tightly wrapped, the grip is secured and safe.
Saya Nuri(painting)-shi coats sheath. The sheath coating requires artistic sense, skill and of course experience.

The world-class Japanese Swords are created by completing each process done by these master craftsmen.

GIHEIYA provides Katana lovers and martial artists with these soulful, authentic Japanese swords.

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