Consignment sales service: from Japan, Giheiya offers Genuine Japanese Swords and fittings - please contact us!


About Consignment

GIHEIYA can sell your products in place of you.
If you are interested in consignment, please contact us by Tel or e-mail

Contact by e-mail is Here
Contact by Tel: Cell-phone[+81-73-427-5315]

Details of consignment

Commission of the consignment will be 25% of the selling price.
The requirement for consignment is that commission of the consignment should be greater than 10,000 yen.
We cannot receive the order of consignment if there is difference between actual product and registration card.
we cannot receive the order of consignment if the goods is unregistered swords which is longer than 15cm.
We don’t receive the order of consignment when the goods is mock swords.
The period of consignment is basically three month but you can ask for extension of time.

Flow of consignment

Please contact us by e-mail or TEL
Please ship the goods to our shop
* If you have certificate, please send it with goods.
* Based on the Antique Dealings Act, please send us a copy of the things can check your name, address, age (driver's license, health insurance card, passport, etc.)
We will check the goods. The price of consignment will be decided after the consultation
We will start selling on face-to-face selling, online store, exhibition, and our shop.
We will promptly remit the proceeds to customer when goods was sold
* Beforehand, please tell us the payment account
* By the method of customer’s settlement, it may take up to 14 days about 10 days.

There is Precautions below. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

* Please send the goods to our shop at an advance payment
* We don’t assume responsibility while the goods are shipping

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