FAQ |Often asked questions about international shippings from Japan and other Giheiya services for purchasing Genuine Japanese swords and fittings online.


Can anyone legally own Japanese swords in Japan?
Anyone can own Japanese swords in Japan. They are also transferable.
Every sword is registered in each prefectural Board of Education, so new owner is required to notify the local prefectural goverment within 2 weeks of the owner's name and address.
No permission is required for swords less than 15cm in length.
Is it possible to purchace swords on internet and ship them to my country?
If our customers wishes to send the swords to an address outside of Japan, we provide necessary registration and expotation paperwork free of charge for all our clients.
Once we obtain all the required papers for the swords to be legally expoted from Japan, we immediatery proceed the shipment.
Please note: the process takes about 2-3 weeks to receive the pass.
How much does international shipping cost?
International Shipping cost vary widely,and depend on the size and quantity of swords or items you buy.
We nomaly use Japan Post EMS service for their cost effectiveness and efficiency.
For your infomation, the link below is Japan Post's " EMS Rate Schedule( All Zone)",
Japan Post EMS Rates
(Please be noted that your purchaces will be packed securely to be safe for international deliveries, the weight and size of percels should be reasonably bigger than the actual products.)

If you choose to ship your order to international destination, no shipping charges will be applied at the time of checkout.
Instead, we will contact you separately with information about the appropriate shipping charges.
We will only process your order after you have approved the shipping charges.
Therefore, please allow additional time to complete the order if you are having it shipped internationally.

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